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I work with adults who are experiencing a range of difficulties, such as:

  • mood-related distress (e.g., feeling depressed, anxious or angry)

  • problems with interpersonal relationships (family, romantic, friendships, work)

  • challenges with self-esteem/sense of self

  • stress and fatigue

  • adjustment to life events and changes

  • a sense of dissatisfaction with one or several aspects of life.

I also work with individuals who are seeking to explore and make meaning from their life experiences (both of their inner world and the outside world), in order to build greater self awareness and understanding.

Adults both with and without a clinical diagnosis are welcome. Short- and long-term treatment options are available.


I'm deeply committed to providing a safe and empathic space for therapy. Combining my professional knowledge, skills and experience with a natural curiosity about the human condition, I work collaboratively with you to establish a deeper understanding of your experiences and to develop a treatment plan which is tailored to your individual needs. 

I work primarily from a psychodynamic perspective, which usually involves in-depth work on a regular basis and over longer periods of time than in other therapies. 


As human beings, we are characterised by our individual strengths, vulnerabilities, conflicts and connections. Development of our sense of self begins in early life, and can be disrupted or stifled by the pains of living. This can lead to various emotional and psychological difficulties within ourselves, and challenges in our relationships with others - all of which can impact our sense of self and our capacity to live a full and authentic life. 

In our work together, we engage in the exploration and processing of your experiences of both the past and the present, in order to build a deeper awareness and understanding of the various parts of your self. This work can lead to an enriched quality of life and relationships, and a more cohesive sense of self. It can also aid symptom reduction through increased understanding of the meaning of symptoms within your unique context. 

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